SEO Solution Engage

What Is SEO Solution Engage?

There has never been an easy way to grow and highlight positive customer experiences on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.. Until now! SEO Solution Engage is a customer engagement platform that helps build your brand loyalty and attract valuable new customers. SEO Solution lets customers drive your marketing engine with Google and Facebook reviews, and new Instagram followers. But it’s not just a review tool, it enhances your entire digital marketing strategy!

The Power of Positive Online Reviews

Build an audience of Consumers who have bought products & services. Convert buyers into advocates. Happy customers who have amazing experiences will represent the brand.

The Customer Buying Process Has Changed

Your online brand is more important than ever because of the way customers research and buy. Grow your businesses reviews without changing your day to day activity.

SEO Solution Engage Includes



SEO Solution Engage is a Complete Customer Engagement Platform

Have the ability to send text messages directly to customers at the point of sale encouraging reviews and social follows at the point when customers are happiest.

Let your customers drive your marketing engine with Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Instagram followers. Build and engage an audience of customers who have bought or used your service.

  • Easy plug & play setup and integration
  • Customize, build, and send automated texts and emails to customers at the right time
  • Grow your social media engagement with reviews and followers
  • Set up billing, appointment, and other calendar reminders
  • Customizable dashboard reporting lets you manage your campaigns and see your progress
  • Set alerts for any negative customer experience so you can respond as soon as they happen

Why Do I Need It?

Ignoring your website no longer works

Although acquiring new customers is an important part of growing your business, concentrating on customer retention and encouraging repeat customers can create long-lasting, profitable relationships. Here are some reasons why you should also focus on repeat business:

  • Repeat customers spend more money
  • Repeat customers are easier to sell to
  • New customers cost you more
  • Repeat customers promote your business
  • Businesses are build on customer retention



A customer completes a payment transaction with a POS or payment terminal that has BoostEngage installed.


Customers receive a text or email inviting them to leave a review on Google and Facebook, or follow your business on instagram.


Customers follow the easy prompts to leave reviews on Google and Facebook


You build a loyal, engaged audience with new and repeat customers who have actually used your service – no fake followers or reviews here!


You will have access to real-time reporting on your campaigns, reviews, follows, and engagement.

What Are The Steps?




Your Company’s Brand Isn’t What You Say About Yourself..
It’s The Sum of What Everyone Else Says About You.